[Wolves] All happy for Dave Morley to be LUGMaster?

Broadfield Robert BroadfieldR at walsall.gov.uk
Wed Oct 18 13:39:29 BST 2006

At the moment I favour David Morley, because:

1) He volunteered.

2) As a new member, I have only attended 2 LUG meetings so far. Dave was
present at both 
   meetings and made a point of talking to me and making me feel welcome.

3) He posts regularly to the list.

4) He shows leadership qualities - some of his posts are starting to look
like Jono's
   e.g. his recent one on the favicon - he reminds everyone that decisions
need to be
   taken yet doesn't insist on other members sharing his point of view.

As regards Peter, I don't know him and have never met him.  I notice that he
hasn't posted
to this list since a discussion about venues.  Correct me if I'm wrong but I
think he wanted
the LUG to have a permanent meeting place but there was no consensus as to
where.  His last posting
ended thus:

>Right I have tried to get everyone to work towards making us a Linux-Lug
>clearly I'm wasting my time, over the years I must have given three grands 
>worth of kit not only directly to Wolves-LUG but to individual members so I

>think I've shown my commitment to you guys and Wolves-LUG yet you think its

>OK to tell me "Feel free not to come"

>Maybe I should join splineboy, sparkes, Kevin Adams, Tim etc etc

>Really fucked off

>Don't bother replying because I won't

>Peter Cannon

Clearly he was upset at the time but I wouldn't like to see a posting like
this from a LUGmaster.

I'm sure Peter has lots of good points and that you are all fond of him.
It sounds like he's worked hard for the group and has been generous too.

Promise me this, Dave.  If you are elected (and I'm not sure of the
formalities of this), could you take time to talk to Peter and get him back
on board?


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