[Wolves] IMPORTANT:Handing over the reigns...

David Morley davmor2 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 30 11:25:26 GMT 2006

Finally I have been able to take a moment out of Jono's busy schedule
and chat about the Lug in general.

So as promised this is what I'd like to see happen.

1.  Most import Job I feel is to get a more permanent abode where by
both talks, food and drink can all be partaken.  Failing this a
compromise of a pub/restaurant and a meeting place for talks, but
definitely permanent.

2.  I would like to remind everyone that there is a Wiki for wolves
lug and would like people to start using it.  I would like to see
people who have had problems solved, but needed to use bits from
several mails to fix the fault, to just jot down what they actually
had to do. (This then becomes a useful resource for new members and
users.)  I would also like talk slides to be posted to the wiki, which
takes me to my next point.

3.  I want to calender in a talk for 1 in 4 meetings.  That is 6 talks
a year on this night there will still be a social atmosphere just with
a specified time for someone to give a talk.  I will get around to
sorting this out with people who have offered to do talks.  But I also
want to raise awareness of this Lug and get talks organised from
outside of the Lug too.

4.  I would like to see the Lug become more active in attracting new
members.  I'm thinking things like a poster at the uni, Jono has
mentioned getting back on board with info points just generally
raising the awareness of Linux and the Lug.  So any artist's out there
please Mail ME.

5.  On a more social side of things everyone seemed to like the B-B-Q
idea so I thought it maybe worth trying to organise a couple or more
during the summer months Less Linux more Food and Drink.  (Kat really
need to talk to you about this, as you seem to of been the dedicated
Lug Chef)

6.  Last but not least "What I want from the lug".  To be honest this
was the hardest bit to put into words, but then finally it came to me.
 I don't really want things to change that much, I just want things to
be better organised and more of it.  I enjoyed the talks and I'm sure
everyone else did too, more of them.  People love the social side to
the lug that's fine, more of that.  Bigger more stable Lug would be
the only thing that I can actually say I really want.  I would love to
have the number of people turning up to meetings raised, I would love
to see more activity in the lug and the facilities available to the
Lug actually utilised.  I really want this to be a Lug that ROCKS.
When people do Lug tours I would love for them to say "Oh, we've got
to go to Wolves Lug because....." in the way they would consider
Gllug, Manlug and others.  At the same time though I don't ever want
to lose that social element that seems to bind us together, that fun
aspect where you go to chill out and have a laugh with like minded
people.  I think that is the heart of this Lug and a thing to be
cherished, but is also something that needs to be used otherwise it
dies, that is something I don't want.

Please feel free to add anything you particularly want so I can take
it into consideration as I start talking with people about stuff in
general.  Also feel free to talk to me if there are any points you
would like raise about my general goals.

Seek That Thy Might Know

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