[Wolves] IMPORTANT:Handing over the reigns...

Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 30 13:36:11 GMT 2006

--- David Morley <davmor2 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Finally I have been able to take a moment out of
> Jono's busy schedule
> and chat about the Lug in general.


I have to apologise for being completely and utterly
silent throughout this whole process, I was on holiday
when it all took place and I've been hiding under a
stone and turning 30 since I got back.

Congratulations Dave on becoming the new LUG master.
I'm sure you'll do a good job and everyone here will
help out if you have a problem.

Your plans seem good to me. One thing I would like to
see is some new people on the list. The list has been
reasonably quiet recently and although this may in
some part be due to the departure Peter Cannon who
always provoked debate, I also think that those of us
left behind are reasonably competent these days and
have little to ask apart from small details.

For this reason I would like to see us acquire some
new members early in their Linux journey as they tend
to ask more open ended questions which tend to

Wolverhampton University is a largely untapped source
for a few reasons:

1) From personal experience I know that if you put
posters up they get taken down within 24 hours.
2) The biggest Linux figure in the SCIT, Peter Burden
has now left and I'm not sure who the Linux movers and
shakers are these days. As far as I know, his
pro-Linux approach has not been replaced sadly.
3) Linux was barely mentioned on my degree until the
final year (and only then thanks to Peter Burden). I
believe it is now covered early on in the degree and
probably by Brian Penfold.
4) Something that I found very strange was that there
aren't many students interested in Linux. I met maybe
4 or 5 in 4 years and 2 of those, I introduced them to
5) Some people just aren't sociable enough to get

It would be good to ask whoever introduces students to
Linux to point them in our direction. I'll see if I
can find out who this might be.

I remember seeing, after I left, a defunct University
of Wolverhampton LUG and it turns out that I know
someone who knows the person who set this up. I found
it strange that a University Lug wanted to be separate
and distinct from an already thriving LUG. I'm just
trying to work out whether there was a reason why the
guy felt that they should be separate from us.

Anyway, I'll see if I can get hold of someone and ask
him who would be best to approach to have them point
interested students at us and how we could advertise
at the uni.





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