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On 30/10/06, Adam Sweet <drinky76 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Wolverhampton University is a largely untapped source
> for a few reasons:
> 1) From personal experience I know that if you put
> posters up they get taken down within 24 hours.
> 2) The biggest Linux figure in the SCIT, Peter Burden
> has now left and I'm not sure who the Linux movers and
> shakers are these days. As far as I know, his
> pro-Linux approach has not been replaced sadly.
> 3) Linux was barely mentioned on my degree until the
> final year (and only then thanks to Peter Burden). I
> believe it is now covered early on in the degree and
> probably by Brian Penfold.
> 4) Something that I found very strange was that there
> aren't many students interested in Linux. I met maybe
> 4 or 5 in 4 years and 2 of those, I introduced them to
> it.
> 5) Some people just aren't sociable enough to get
> involved.

Perhaps a big reason Linux is not so prominent at Wolves Uni is
because most of the old Computer Centre (now known as IT Services)
seemed to have apopletic fits if the word was even mentioned.  I loved
the look on Steve Kunyak's face when I told him I had set up a staff
machine with Corel Linux and it was succesfully networked :-))))))

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