[Wolves] Freeview for a MythTV HTPC, AIGLX/XGL with Intel graphics chips

Alex Willmer Alex at moreati.org.uk
Mon Sep 4 01:40:05 BST 2006

Hi all,

The time has come to put together a shiny HTPC. This being Wolves LUG,
MythTV is of course the only software choice. For hardware I'm looking
at Intel Core 2 in a microATX motherboard, I'm investigating what's out
there for cases with half-height or horizontal expansion cards.

If I wish to get 2 tuners, what's the simplest in terms of driver
fiddling a 2 PCI cars, a twin tuner card or 2 USB tuners?

Additionally, I'd like to get the newest 3D desktop eye candy working on
it. I understand the simplest way is using an recent Intel chipset, for
which 3D open source drivers are included in the kernel. 

Does anyone know whether Intel 945 graphics chipsets are able to
accelerate Compiz, or is it only the 965 chipset that does it?

Thanks for any response


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