[Wolves] I'm told that you have a loadbalancing guru among you?

chris procter chris-procter at talk21.com
Fri Apr 20 17:32:51 BST 2007

--- Mark Harrison <Mark at yourpropertyexpert.com> wrote:

> No - you were spot on. Your explanation made perfect
> sense to me, and I
> think that the proverbial penny has dropped.
> OK, I'll change a couple of things around, so run it
> on 4 rather than 2 PCs,
> because, erm, I now have them :-) 

Sounds like a good reason to me, although you may
regret it next time you desperately need a doorstop.

> but the "failover
> causes the box to add
> another IP address" makes perfect sense.
> Is there, perchance, a tool that automates all this
> for me? 
> Regards,
> Mark

I notice from the ubuntu-uk list you already have this
working (I've been "onsite" for the last week so I'm
just catching up on my emails) but for completness:

www.ucarp.org and www.linux-ha.org have free software
solutions, redhat cluster server I think is Free but
with paid support and www.steeleye.com have a
commercial package. There are others, Sun have a
product, as do HP etc, google knows far more then I
ever will.

They have their advantages and disadvantages depending
on what you're trying to do, how much you're willing
to spend, and how important support is.


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