[Wolves] ASP?

chris procter chris-procter at talk21.com
Tue Aug 14 15:29:12 BST 2007

>  using
> COM stuff is often simpler from the ASP environment. However,
> ASP/VBScript and ASP/JavaScript both have a very limited model,
> meaning that you *need* to use third-party COM objects to do stuff
> such as sending mail (and these COM objects are often both non-Free
> and cost money).

And (in case this wasn't obvious) windows only, which is where chiliASP lost big style, to move a asp site from windows IIS to unix/chiliASP you had to rewrite all the com objects you used from C++ to java, including those you'd bought and therefore didn't have the source code for, and if you're going to do that it is actually less work to rewrite everything from scratch in php (or even intercal)

ChiliASP's main use was to allow SUN to add a "runs ASP pages" tickbox to the list of Solaris features to fool PHBs into buying SPARC webservers from them to replace IIS

These days php / Java (JSP) / perl and Python are much better bets (unless you're old and set in your ways like me and only need it once or twice a year)

Didn't chiliASP come to SUN as part of the Cobalt buyout (who'd bought chilisoft) or am I confused?


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