[Wolves] Re: I want to come Wed Aug 15. Install-fest, sleep 1 nite?

Oouc oouc at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 14 22:35:01 BST 2007

To me an install-fest is extremely interesting.
When I was in the Ph.D. computer science program at the University 
of Michigan the professors said, "We do not teach Ph.D's any 
technology because computer science technology changes so fast 
that anything you learned might be obsolete very quickly.  We 
teach all of the fundamentals of CS and you can pick up whatever 
technologies your job requires whenever necessary."  For me during 
the past two decades in Indonesia, just keeping ahead of all of 
the increasingly complex fundamentals of CS is all that I could do.
I always learn a lot about new technologies at an install-fest.

I will have spent the past 3 days on the floor of a Ph.D. in 
Coventry when I come tomorrow.  I do not like to stay more than 
3 days in a row with anyone.   After 23:00 is too late to ask 
to stay with a stranger and it is too late for me to get back 
to a Bham hostel before they lock up for the night.  So if anyone 
has anywhere I can stay after the meeting, it will be highly 

PS Adam,
Thanks for remembering me and pointing the group to a google search.

--- Oouc <oouc at yahoo.com> wrote:

> I am especially interested in the install fest.  
> I would like to take a bus & come Wed Aug 15 if anyone can spare space on 
> their floor for me to sleep Wed. night only.
> Please respond to oouc at DELETECAPS yahoo . com

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