[Wolves] Giving up on SUSE 10.2....

Jen Phillips jetlaglug at googlemail.com
Wed Feb 7 17:46:07 GMT 2007

On 07/02/07, Steven Welton <steven.welton at gmail.com> wrote:
> To ease me into Linux, I really need an OS similar to the Mac OS X or Win XP
> pro.  I just want to download stuff, execute it and it all go in the right
> place.

I'd echo the Ubuntu suggestion. Personally, I quite like the ordinary
Gnome-flavoured version. In terms of basic functions, it's not
enormously different from the likes of WinXP, but it looks much less
"My First OS."

The big thing I will point out about Ubuntu is how it handles
installing software. It has an "add and remove programs" type thing
and Synaptic. They're both point and click front ends to the same
thing, and the Add/Remove function is intended to be more newbie
frienly (it lists programs, whereas Synaptic lists packages). You may
well need to fiddle with repositories (as I recall there are good
howtos in the Ubuntu wiki and it's fairly easy), and after that for a
huge number of programs it's just a case of firing up your front end
of choice, selecting from the list and letting it get on with it.
Various other distros have similar things, but I've not seen one that
I took to quite so quickly and easily, and installing software used to
be a major bugbear about other distros I tried.



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