[Wolves] Offer: 150-200 Linux magazines

rob the.lock.keeper at ukonline.co.uk
Fri Feb 9 02:16:22 GMT 2007

On Monday 29 January 2007 18:26, Adam Sweet wrote:
> While the software features will be mostly outdated
> (Kylix anyone?), knowledge isn't and these will be a
> useful resource for anyone wanting to see more of what
> is out there and the time to thumb through them. Many
> of them are bookmarked with post-its to point out
> useful articles as I was learning.
Soz Ad - I don't have room for these.  However, I have an idea.  Maybe the LUG 
should start a library.  I know that one of our meeting places has some 
bookshelves (Lincoln House).  Dave Morley would need to ask if we can store 
them there (providing you haven't thrown them out yet).  We might also stock 
up on text books & distro discs (and those from magazines) for LUG members to 


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