[Wolves] kicking the windoze habit

Barry Humphries gassy_ass at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 9 12:40:25 GMT 2007

Can anyone help me with advice for a linux app that will

1. Rip cd's to a constant bit rate mp3, not average or vbr
2. Name the tracks with track number, artist, title and hopefully tagging at 
the same time

Have tried several apps without success, one of the biggest problems seems 
to be tackling lame setup. Having read the (confusing) man pages and as much 
info as I can stand, i have not got any further.

The other thing that I need help with is converting LP's and cassettes to 
digital format.
Upto now I have used cooledit on windoze which is fine. Trouble is have 
tried audacity and rezound with only limited success.
Any suggestions
Dave T

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