[Wolves] kicking the windoze habit

Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 9 13:14:25 GMT 2007

--- Barry Humphries <gassy_ass at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Hi
> Can anyone help me with advice for a linux app that
> will
> 1. Rip cd's to a constant bit rate mp3, not average
> or vbr
> 2. Name the tracks with track number, artist, title
> and hopefully tagging at 
> the same time

Under Gnome in Ubuntu I use use Sound Juicer.

As MP3 is non-Free and therefore isn't shipped or
enabled by default, you have a bit of configuration to
do, but it is easily done, as described here:


For MP3 support for Gnome applications you need to
install gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly, distributions
other than Ubuntu might call it something slightly

The next time you buy a portable audio player,
consider one which also plays ogg files, which are the
default format on most Linux distributions. Ogg files
provide better audio quality for filesize than MP3s or
AACs, but most mainstream audio players don't support
it (such as hardware players iPods, Zunes, Creative
etc or software like iTunes or Windows Media Player).
On Windows or the Mac, use VLC to play ogg files.
Whatever you have, you will still be able to play all
of your old MP3s as almost all media players support
it, including under Linux with the right codecs

Recommendations here:


I bought a Cowon iAudio X5 on a recommendation from
Peter Oliver and Woo (other list members) and haven't
looked back since. I also have a car stereo which has
an aux input on the front so I can use it to play my
ogg music in the car. I'm rather smug about being able
to play high-quality audio using non-patent encumbered
codecs as you can tell.

Does anyone have a recommendation for an online
retailer which sells audio/video content without any
DRM or similar and preferably uses Free codecs?




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