[Wolves] kicking the windoze habit

dave h daveh at bvsc.org
Fri Feb 9 12:49:43 GMT 2007

On Friday 09 February 2007 12:40, Barry Humphries wrote:
> Hi
> Can anyone help me with advice for a linux app that will
> 1. Rip cd's to a constant bit rate mp3, not average or vbr
> 2. Name the tracks with track number, artist, title and hopefully tagging
> at the same time
> Have tried several apps without success, one of the biggest problems seems
> to be tackling lame setup. Having read the (confusing) man pages and as
> much info as I can stand, i have not got any further.
> The other thing that I need help with is converting LP's and cassettes to
> digital format.
> Upto now I have used cooledit on windoze which is fine. Trouble is have
> tried audacity and rezound with only limited success.
> Any suggestions
> Dave T

I always used grip to do cd ripping with. It's relatively easy to use (look 
for the Config/Encoding tab to set lame and the bitrate). If connected to the 
net it will also perform CDDB lookups and tag the tracks accordingly.

No idea about LP's and cassettes - sorry.

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