[Wolves] BBC & Winows DRM - shouldn't we complain?

Broadfield Robert BroadfieldR at walsall.gov.uk
Wed Feb 21 17:33:51 GMT 2007

>Save the BBC from Windows DRM! by Glyn Moody


>The BBC is contemplating the use of Windows DRM to control how its

>content is viewed. This means one must use Windows Media Player 10

>leaving the Linux and Macintosh folks poop-out-of-luck. Glyn encourages

>of us to take the appropriate action to stop it.

Since most of us pay for a TV Licence, shouldn't we object to this in
the strongest terms?  They seem to be breaching their own Fair Trade
In particular, check out:
1.14 ...BBC Brands should not be used to :
            * endorse or promote particular outside organisations or
their activities (anyone see the recent BBC2 programme on Vista?)
            * imply that UK consumers need to buy commercial products
and services to access public service programming     (Windows Media
3.47 (Fixed Terms & Conditions)
3.48 (Exclusivity in relationship between BBC and Third Party)
3.50 ...Tying:making supply of one product conditional on the customer
accepting another product it does not want.
There may be more...I haven't read this document (or any others)
thoroughly.  We should try to "stop the rot" if we can.

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