[Wolves] Re: BBC & Winows DRM - shouldn't we complain?

Kelly, Martin Martinkelly at wlv.ac.uk
Tue Feb 27 14:27:27 GMT 2007

dave h wrote:
>> Do we believe that musicians own the music they create and have a right
>> to control its distribution? If so, then 'free software DRM' would be OK.
>> Or is music like software and once you've written it you must give it
>> away and try to make a living by selling the service of performing it?
>> This question has been troubling me for some time because I can't see
>> the difference between software and music/content. They both take
>> creativity, time and money (or lost earnings) to create.
> A prostitute provides a service, a musician provides a creation (providing
> he/she is writing his/her own music).  The confusion between whores and
> musicians is easily explained given the number of outrageous pimps that the
> music industry plays home to these days and the similarity between the two
> professions, both largely placed upon them from others who seek to control,
> and profit from, their actions.
I agree but is someone who writes software a prostitute or a musician?

Is someone who mixes music being creative or just doing maintenance?

If the internet was the only way we distributed music, then this surely would be more of a problem than it is.

for a bit of insight into freesoftware thinking you should look up Eben Moglen's take on copyright, read either the Dot Communist Manifesto, and Anarchism triumphant, sound rather Rad i know, but makes good reading ( he talks about minstrels and wotnot so their are some analogies to be considered).

The reality is that you will sell your music in a number of different ways, by performing, by selling Cd's, at the shop or at your performances. whichever way you distribute someone will come along and sample your work and give it to a friend. This is only theft if that person is making a profit. Consider that this person is impressed with your work and wants to share it, if that other person likes your work he may buy it. He won't buy it if he never hears it. 

DRM only works for well known artists, and there are people who still rip their work, and sell at a profit.

consider releasing work under the creative commons, which is a "fair use compromise". we still live in a capitalist society and must earn a crust somehow.

twopenneth spent.


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