[Wolves] Things I have learn't in the last 16 hours

chris procter chris-procter at talk21.com
Thu Jan 4 10:50:57 GMT 2007

Being a true, and possibly even accurate, record of
the topics discussed at the wolveslug meeting 3/1/07

* The intel 4004 was a 4 bit chip because 4bits == 1
decimal digit.

* [disk manufacturer who will remain nameless] has
developed a disk that can detect if its part of a RAID
set and deliberately corrupt your data, forcing you to
buy the more expensive "server" version of the disk.
This was deemed clever, with a side order of evil, in
a  "how the fsck?" sauce.

* Ron a) owns, and b) can use, a slide rule. This is
a) cool and b) unsurprising

* Dave Morley believes the geriatric pr0n industry in
wolverhampton needs revitalising

* POTENTIAL LUG PROJECT ?: Linux Cluedo. "I believe it
was Hans Reiser in the computer room with the hard

* Jono and Aq are definitively not the same person,
because you only ever see them in the same room.

* Wolveslug conversations have more tangents then an

* Ron achieves his remarkable feats of knowledge and
memory by using his beard as external storage.

* Vote Pope. (What the bishop of Rome thought of this
was not revealed)

* Real Computers (tm) have bioses that let you program
tetris. There's really not enough forth in the world
these days don't you think? 
: OFW ( a b c -- ) CR ." Forth FTW!" CR; OFW
or, if you're showing off:-
: OFW2 ( a b c d e -- ) CR ." Forth" 5 0 do EMIT loop
CR ; 33 dup 3 * 12 - dup 3 - dup 14 - 32 OFW2

* There are > 720 people signed up to this mailing

* In a world where aeroplanes exist Denmark is no

* Jokosher sucks donkey balls. (wether this is a good
thing depends on wether you are the donkey of course)

* There are not enough nob gags in the lug these days.
(Although it is doubtfull there are enough nob gags in
the world for certain lug members...)

* Other stuff I have forgotten.

* Somebody should write some minutes...

Your faithful scribe,


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