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You could always start writer with the association - ie have a shortcut to
the template, rather than the executable.

I normally start that way, by chosing the template or document to use.


On 1/8/07, Kevanf1 <kevanf1 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Here's one that's a little different :-)  When I start up Open Office
> (Writer in this case) I am presented with a default untitled document.
> It's all ready to go etc but it's not what I usually want :-(  I have
> a number of custom templates saved and I normally want to use one of
> these, being a creature of habit :-)))  So, my question is, does
> anybody know how I can have Open Office start up Writer with a totally
> empty workspace, i.e. no document at all loaded?  This would give me a
> greay background with just the toolbar at the top just as if I had
> closed the exisiting empty document.
> In anticipation of the answers flooding in...cheers :-)))
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