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Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 11 19:27:37 GMT 2007

--- Andy Smith <andy at lug.org.uk> wrote:

> On Thu, Jan 11, 2007 at 12:25:28PM +0000, Adam Sweet
> wrote:
> > Hi all
> > 
> > Is anyone using Xen?
> Yes, rather a lot (see signature) :)

Yeah, I've read your Xen hosting Wiki quite a few
times as it happens, while I haven't set Xen up yet,
the features provided by your hosting seem pretty
intimidating :) Anyway, I was hoping you would pipe up

> > Would you recommend any one distro over another at
> > the moment?

> Fedora's support is probably the easiest to get
> along with but
> personally I stick with Debian because I know Debian
> best.  If
> Fedora is something you're comfortable with then
> probably that is
> the way to go, but it's possible on any distro as
> long as you're
> comfortable compiling kernels.

Sure. Looks like FC6 for me at the mo. I'm comfortable
on both, but prefer The Debian Way. I guess I'm not
going to be offered much of research time on this,
it's a "Does it work? If so, do it" kind of project.

> > While we are on the subject, does anyone have
> thoughts on KVM, lhype, or
> > how Xen compares to VMWare for long-term use?
> Out of all the above it will be ease of use and
> manageability that
> will be the key, I believe.  Xen has problems
> integrating with the
> main Linux kernel (as in, it's not part of the
> kernel tree and
> won't be anytime soon), whereas lhype (now know as
> LL) is already in and
> is getting more features every day.  It may well
> catch up soon but
> right now it is a definite work in progress and not
> something you
> could base a production service on.
> > It seems that Xen is as yet still young and VMWare
> could pull
> > their free products at any in the future that they
> choose leaving
> > you to pay up, stick with what you have forever or
> painfully
> > migrate.
> VMWare is very nice if you can afford it.  It is
> currently far too
> expensive to use for hosting purposes, and I imagine
> it will stay
> that way.  For personal use it's great but I think
> that they will
> keep things as they are purely to maintain a level
> of interest.

Cut through the bs like a knife through butter ;)

> KVM looks pretty good as long as you have the VT
> extensions, but
> it's still quite slow, without much amnagement
> tools,  and so not so
> useful for hosting.  Still good for personal use and
> for testing
> things though.

Yes, management tools. Good point.

> You may find
> http://virt.kernelnewbies.org/TechComparison
> interesting.

Yeah, that was useful, I'd been around that wiki a
bit, but not looked over that page.

Thanks for your help, more than useful :)




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