[Wolves] Poisoning pigeons in the park and other healthy outdoor activities

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> how to use an Aga oven to
> revive hypothermic lambs 

That brings back memories of working on a farm when aged 12-19ish.

We used to either :

a) Put the lambs in paper feed bags (which is a bit like how the tramps
keep warm in under their cardboard boxes)
b) Bring them indoors and leave them in a box next to the rayburn [1]
c) Put them under an red electric light (radiating heat).
d) Force feed them some warm milk (I think this was normally just for
when they were too stupid to feed themselves).

When we weren't doing that, we did things like concreting over rotten
wooden windowsills.... or turning a power washer on the sheep (instead
of dipping them [2]).

"When I were a lad..."


[1] With the rayburn in question, you could often put your hands on the
hot plate on top without real risk of burning, so I'm not sure how it
helped the lambs.

[2] This was an improvement over the prior technique of sprinkling sheep
dip on them using a watering can.

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