[Wolves] Poisoning pigeons in the park and other healthy outdooractivities

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My experience of lambs is slightly different!!

I use to castrate them.  Sort of circlip type pliers and very tight o-rings 
does the job after about two weeks!

Other than that I also eat them.

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> > how to use an Aga oven to
> > revive hypothermic lambs
>That brings back memories of working on a farm when aged 12-19ish.
>We used to either :
>a) Put the lambs in paper feed bags (which is a bit like how the tramps
>keep warm in under their cardboard boxes)
>b) Bring them indoors and leave them in a box next to the rayburn [1]
>c) Put them under an red electric light (radiating heat).
>d) Force feed them some warm milk (I think this was normally just for
>when they were too stupid to feed themselves).
>When we weren't doing that, we did things like concreting over rotten
>wooden windowsills.... or turning a power washer on the sheep (instead
>of dipping them [2]).
>"When I were a lad..."
>[1] With the rayburn in question, you could often put your hands on the
>hot plate on top without real risk of burning, so I'm not sure how it
>helped the lambs.
>[2] This was an improvement over the prior technique of sprinkling sheep
>dip on them using a watering can.
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