[Wolves] The Great Tea & Coffee Debate!

Philip Harper ph004h7245 at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri Jul 20 16:36:14 BST 2007

Just to follow on from the discussion we had on wednesday night about 
caffeine content of various drinks...


Here's a list, tea does does contain less caffeine, I remember after my 
kidney transplant when you have to drink lots of fluids to get it 
working the doctors told me to avoid too much coffee and drink tea 
instead.  The caffeine in coffee/coke is the kind that dehydrates.  You 
can do a little experiment, on a hot day drink lots of coffee and coke, 
but make sure you have someone behind you to catch you when you go dizzy 
and faint this happened to some I know, though I was going to be picking 
him up off the floor.

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