[Wolves] The Great Tea & Coffee Debate!

David Goodwin david at codepoets.co.uk
Fri Jul 20 16:52:40 BST 2007

> Here's a list, tea does does contain less caffeine, I remember after my 
> kidney transplant when you have to drink lots of fluids to get it 
> working the doctors told me to avoid too much coffee and drink tea 
> instead.  The caffeine in coffee/coke is the kind that dehydrates.  You 
> can do a little experiment, on a hot day drink lots of coffee and coke, 
> but make sure you have someone behind you to catch you when you go dizzy 
> and faint this happened to some I know, though I was going to be picking 
> him up off the floor.

That's interesting; I was under the impression that caffeine's 
dehydration abilities would only kick in if you drank quite a lot in a 
day (i.e. more than perhaps 6 cups of coffee). You imply there are 
different sorts of caffeine.

I prefer to live a caffeine free life; so if I do need to stay awake 
(e.g. when driving) Coke has quite an impressive effect.


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