[Wolves] Ubuntu setback

William J Giddings giddings at freeuk.com
Sat Jul 28 21:45:24 BST 2007

If the UBUNTU installer has simply overwritten the partition table
without reformatting the disk then some help is at hand. I did a similar
think a few weeks ago when I reinstalled linux. Whilst I had made
backups of the data on the windows partitions there were some recent
changes which I nearly cried over the prospect of loosing which included
about 2 weeks work on my Ph.D thesis! However, I was delighted to find a
utility worthy of the Harry Potter spell book -TestDiak. In deed it
rebuilt my partition table quicker than YAST rubbed it out. (The evil
deed was not commited by YAST or Valdemort but by my own impatience and

Anyway, find the TestDisk on:


Good luck with the recovery..


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