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Tue Jul 31 16:17:19 BST 2007

Thought my post on this topic would create a lively debate.

Chris (robotninja)

Maybe you miss the point.  If we leave it as a matter of choice and do nothing
but improve the OS hoping that it will get noticed, our tax money will continue
to be spent on Microsoft Licenses and children will be unaware of an
alternative.  I wasn't bashing Microsoft for everything they do - just the sly
way they market their products to children (maybe some parallel here with
MacDonalds, Coke etc.).

Just merely pointing out that there isn't a level playing field and likely won't
be for many years to come.  I haven't referred to Microsoft as the enemy - even
though senior figures at that company have referred to Linux with much stronger
language than that!  Just sick of their underhand tactics.


I'd say that linking the words Open Source with the Taliban is completely
missing the point!  However, you redeem yourself later on by echoing the same
frustration that I feel about how difficult it is to convince people in
education that there is an alternative.


Good luck with your push of Linux into schools.  I can recommend edubuntu
(especially for primary schools).  I am involved in a project through my local
church to supply second hand computers to some kids in orphanages in the
Ukraine.  I haven't yet sussed out how to use really old equipment as thin
clients using LTSP but hope to learn to use that soon.  A few of the machines we
have pre-loaded with edubuntu are being tested in the church's creche and the
kids love 'em.  I also hope to get some of the adults trying out ubuntu
Christian Edition.

I suppose as enthusiasts we have to push Linux to our friends/relatives and hope
that they can sell it by word of mouth (the best marketing there is!).  On that
score it's a shame about what happened with Mo's friend's machine.  Mo - please
don't let it put you off but maybe it's best to install it yourself next time.


The PC World comment I made was only throw away.  Sorry to hear about how they
are treating you.  You have plenty of support from this list it seems.  The List
members are willing to help if you ask.  Good Luck!


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