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Fri Jun 1 06:42:26 BST 2007

Quoting Adam Sweet <drinky76 at yahoo.com>:

> Hi Rob, I've not encountered this in 2 and half years
> of using Gnome. Are you sure you're not accidentally
> assigning the windows to another virtual desktop?
> There is a thing called the Desktop Pager (I think) in
> the bottom right hand corner of the screen which
> allows you to have a number of different desktops for
> different workspaces. You can toggle between them by
> clicking on the virtual desktop icon or by scrolling
> your mouse wheel while the mouse cursor is over the
> Desktop Pager.
> Just a guess.
> Ad

Thanks Ad, I know what you mean but this isn't the problem.  I only use one of
these workspaces/desktops at present.  I have checked whether or not anything
appears on other workspaces - but (as expected) they are blank.  I have KDE
installed on both machines and am tempted to switch over because of this problem
with Gnome (currently version 2.14.3 in ubuntu).  Just a thought - KDE isn't
causing the problem in the background, is it?


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