[Wolves] Gnome Desktop

Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 1 09:32:25 BST 2007

--- the.lock.keeper at ukonline.co.uk wrote:

> Quoting Adam Sweet <drinky76 at yahoo.com>:
> > Hi Rob, I've not encountered this in 2 and half
> years
> > of using Gnome. Are you sure you're not
> accidentally
> > assigning the windows to another virtual desktop?

> Thanks Ad, I know what you mean but this isn't the
> problem.

> I have KDE
> installed on both machines and am tempted to switch
> over because of this problem
> with Gnome (currently version 2.14.3 in ubuntu). 

What version are you running? Dapper? I still can't
recall having this problem. Maybe you're a freak
occurance :) More seriously though, I suspect that by
the silence from everybody, nobody else has
encountered this either and so I suspect that some
kind of feature you aren't aware of is doing it. Are
you using Beryl or anything? I've been playing
recently and I've had weird things happen.

> Just a thought - KDE isn't
> causing the problem in the background, is it?

Nah. You can only run one 'session' at a time on a
screen and you're running gnome-session if you're in
Gnome, I don't know what the KDE one is.

Sorry I can't help you more but as I said, I suspect
that some feature you aren't aware of is doing it. Try
taking this to the Ubuntu Forums if nobody here has
any other ideas.

Maybe you could bring your machine to the next LUG
meeting and we'll see if we can identify the problem
for you?




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