[Wolves] Linux on games console

stephen welch stephenwelch at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 6 22:02:51 GMT 2007

Hi people.  I have not properly introduced myself to the list so ...

I am currently working as a network admin for primary schools in brum all 
using windows kit apart from an Imimic server running a Red Hat version of 
linux for caching web content.  I have completed about three installations 
of linux on a couple of laptops and a server but have so far failed to 
follow up on any of this to do some real learning.  My aim is qualify as 
windows mcsa but I also really want to build on my linux skills to become 
some sort of proper system admin.

Anyway enough drivel.  I have decided what I need is a project (for project 
read - long hours, hard earned cash being spent and heart ache of one kind 
and another) as an ideal learning enviornment.

Any hints or tips on building xbox1 or playstation 2 linux media console.  
The xbox looks a better bet re hardware spec but it is quite an ugly thing. 
There is quite a bit on the web but if any one has any direct / indirect 
experience of building one then please come forward.  Any help would be much 

Thanks Stephen

Ps enjoy the mailings

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