[Wolves] Linux on games console

David Goodwin david at codepoets.co.uk
Tue Mar 6 22:53:29 GMT 2007


Welcome :)

> Question.
> Any hints or tips on building xbox1 or playstation 2 linux media console.  
> The xbox looks a better bet re hardware spec but it is quite an ugly thing. 
> There is quite a bit on the web but if any one has any direct / indirect 
> experience of building one then please come forward.  Any help would be 
> much appreciated.

I have a xbox1 with mod-chip + xbmc which works really well. It also
acts as a front end for MythTV (freeview card in computer).

The mod-chip is not strictly necessary, as there are software 'bugs'
that can be used to allow installation/use of xbmc, but the mod-chip
apparently makes life easier.


xbmc = xbox media centre; see google

David Goodwin 

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