[Wolves] Just to let you know...

Dan Jones djones9960 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 8 00:48:16 GMT 2007

David Morley wrote:

> Just to let you know I've signed up to do ccna with the skills train.
> Although not amazingly Linux orientated I though it might be of
> interest. :)
> Has anyone any knowledge in this is it a good move?
> Course includes
> A+
> N+
> then CCNA

Hi Dave

Just an aside, but the Open University do a course which is supposed to 
prepare you for a CCNA.  You don't do the actual exam with them but it's 
supposed to prepare you and you get 30 points towards an OU degree.

If you earn less than ~£24500 and do not already have a degree (I have 
no idea about your status on either count) then the govt. will pretty 
much pay the course fee and if you get less than ~£18500 you will get a 
grant(£250) towards miscellaneous expenses(*) as well.

It's weird actually, the govt. never did this before.  Doing this after 
imposing course fees on regular students doesn't make sense to me.

Just a thought
(*) Well you get the £250 towards expenses anyway but not as much 
towards the course fee, so it amounts to the same thing.

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