[Wolves] SuSE

Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 24 23:14:16 GMT 2007

--- Philip Moore <philip at ptm48.flyer.co.uk> wrote:

> Hi
> I am currently using SuSE 9, the system all works
> (well nearly, DVD do not 
> play but that is nsomething I have to sort).  My
> question is what are the 
> benefits (or issues) with upgrading to SuSE version
> 10?

I'm afraid I don't use SuSE so I can't help there, I'm
an Ubuntu user.

The main benefits of updating will be better support
for newer hardware, more recent software and all of
the improvements that that brings.

If you have hardware which doesn't work in v9, then it
may well work in 10.x, depending on why it doesn't
work in the first place. There are certain pieces of
hardware which will probably never work. Experience
tells you which are which.

As for DVD playback, unencrypted DVD playback probably
works, but the ones you buy or rent from the shops are
almost always encrypted using CSS. For encrypted DVDs
you need libdvdcss2, or at least that is the name of
the Ubuntu package, SuSE may call it something else.
Due to the licensing issues and dubious legal status
of the DVDCSS library, Linux distributors can't
provide it and so you have to find a source yourself,
SuSE or OpenSUSE forums will point you to the right
place probably.

Once installed, DVD playback should probably work.

I'll have to leave it to others to point out any
pitfalls in newer SUSE versions.




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