[Wolves] SuSE

chris procter chris-procter at talk21.com
Mon Mar 26 14:53:35 BST 2007

--- Philip Moore <philip at ptm48.flyer.co.uk> wrote:
> Hi
> I am currently using SuSE 9, the system all works
> (well nearly, DVD do not 
> play but that is nsomething I have to sort).  My
> question is what are the 
> benefits (or issues) with upgrading to SuSE version
> 10?

I moved from SLES9 to SLES10 (the server editions of
Suse) on my work desktop not so long ago.  

The main win for me is the inclusion of Xen
virtualisation stuff which I'm looking to play with.

I think the desktop editions add the compiz 3D bling
stuff as well, if your graphics card supports it.

Apart from that everything has gained a few versions
such as moving from openoffice 1 to 2, and now I can
install the latest versions of software without it
complaining that glibc needs upgrading or python 2.2
isn't supported etc etc.

Plus you get a newer kernel which (as Adam said) will
have improved hardware support, performance
improvements and security fixes.

I've no idea what the upgrade process is like, I used
a spare disk we had lying around so I could go back if
I'd forgotten to copy over something important (like
my bookmarks :)

Wether you upgrade or not is a personnal thing, if
your system does what you want then I'd stick with
what you got, if it doesn't, you fancy a new challenge
or you just fancy a change then ugrade away.


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