[Wolves] Broadband Modem/Wireless Router

baza baza41 at gmail.com
Fri May 11 14:59:17 BST 2007

Broadfield Robert wrote:
> Finally decided to have broadband (free from Talk Talk).  The PC at home 
> has SuSE 10 on it and I have a laptop (currently with Windows XP MCE & 
> built in LAN & wireless) which I hope to install ubuntu on.  Go live 
> date is Wednesday so I'll be popping out over the weekend to get a 
> Modem/Wireless router (with one or two LAN sockets).  Any suggestions on 
> make & models that are compatible and advice on how to set the network 
> up for Linux (a link to a web page would suffice)?  If there's a driver 
> disc, I could use XP MCE to set the modem/router up if first of all and 
> then connect with Linux.  Any advice appreciated.
> Rob

Any of the cheap Belkin ones work great. They have four or five lan 
ports as well as a firewall, port forwarding etc. Great kit for the price.


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