[Wolves] Gnome Desktop

Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Thu May 31 09:18:10 BST 2007

--- the.lock.keeper at ukonline.co.uk wrote:

> I have a slight problem using Gnome.  At first, I
> thought it was something to do
> with my distro, but I have the same result using
> Gnome on ubuntu as well as SuSE...
> When I open more than a few windows at a time and
> minimise them - some of the
> windows disappear (without anything appearing on the
> taskbar).  I know the
> windows are still there because when I shut down,
> they appear briefly before I
> lose the desktop.  Maybe I'm doing something wrong
> or need to change the
> settings somewhere.  Any help/advice appreciated.

Hi Rob, I've not encountered this in 2 and half years
of using Gnome. Are you sure you're not accidentally
assigning the windows to another virtual desktop?

There is a thing called the Desktop Pager (I think) in
the bottom right hand corner of the screen which
allows you to have a number of different desktops for
different workspaces. You can toggle between them by
clicking on the virtual desktop icon or by scrolling
your mouse wheel while the mouse cursor is over the
Desktop Pager.

Just a guess.




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