[Wolves] Pretty cool Wolves-Lug meeting

Chris Maggs chrismaggs at gmail.com
Thu Nov 8 10:48:34 GMT 2007

I'd like to announce my thanks for making a Welshman welcome at the
LUG meeting once again. I had a great time trying to dual-boot Ubuntu
7.10 next to Fedora 7 on my Dell Optiplex GX-280.

First we reset the BIOS by removing the battery to enable the USB
keyboard at boot - mainly so I can get Debian installed at a later
date!  Then after much fun and games Dave discovered that Fedora was
installed on an LVM partition so couldn't be resized.  In the end I
backed up my files onto a 1 gig USB drive and wiped the lot before
installing Kubuntu 7.10 on the entire drive.

At the risk of being tracked down and killed, I must admit I've never
been a fan of Ubuntu before. I just found it a bit cluttered and the
menus weren't what I was used to.  I also found the brown look
somewhat, erm, brown!  Anyway, after a little play last night I must
admit it's growing on me. Will let you all know how I get along once
I'm back home and running it properly.

I'd also like to thank the guys for the impromptu ssh demonstration;
I'm currently scouring Google for a tutorial as I type - I love tabbed

Finally a big thanks to all for intoducing me to the fun and enjoyment
of a LUG meeting. When I get home I'll be joining my local LUG

Hopefully I'll see you all again in the Xmas party (if I can get a day
off work!) and in LUG Radio Live next year!

Diolch yn fawr!

Chris Maggs

On 08/11/2007, Chris Fox <chris at robotninja.net> wrote:
> On 8 Nov 2007, at 09:41, ArchLinuxUser dick_turpin wrote:
> > At the last minute, about 6.00pm, last night I discovered I had a "Get
> > out of jail free" pass and headed off to the Wolves-Lug (Wolverhampton
> > Linux User Group) meeting.
> [snip]
> > Alex Willmer had a Fujitsu Amelio laptop with a broken screen which he
> > was giving away, he was installing Ubuntu by using an external screen
> > and I took great delight in scaring the life out of him by pretending
> > the install had frozen, crashed and generally fecked up. :-)
> As much as it nearly gave Mr Willmer a heart attack, I've always found
> that watching the output of terminal 2 (Ctl-Alt-F2, or it might be 3)
> is a handy way of monitoring Ubuntu installs. It gives a
> package-by-package account of what the installer's up to in more detail
> than watching the main Curses-based installer.
> > Adam Sweet gave away a supposedly (I've seen a mail this morning
> > saying that it actually works) broken strawberry G3 iMac which was fun
> > to watch four grown men spend 20 minutes taking it apart only to
> > discover the replacement hard drive had been left at home. Lol
> Actually figuring out how to get into the b********* was the hardest
> part. Unfortunately it needed more brain than brawn, which was why we
> were strugging at the LUG! Once I swapped the drive over, it was a
> piece of cake - Shove in an OSX CD (which I also didn't have at the
> meeting!) and away i went.
> Next job - shove Xubuntu on it!
> > As was to be expected I was surrounded by a sea of *The Brown Distro*
> > which was another reason for me to regret not bring the one true faith
> > of ArchLinux to this heathen coven I found myself in.
> It's not "The Brown Distro". It's called The One True Distro. Show a
> little respect ;-)
> > I really wanted to stay longer but had to go as it was way past my bed
> > time.
> Me too - I was up late enough tinkering with this thing as it was!
> > My thanks to Dave Morely for a pretty cool meeting, as I said if its
> > at your place in two weeks I'll come along.
> Yup, was a really good meeting. Hopefully next time we'll actually get
> Dave's talk!
> Chris
> (is hating Freedom and using Mail.app, which is quite nice actually)
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