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Chris Maggs chrismaggs at gmail.com
Tue Nov 13 12:22:41 GMT 2007

The write up sounds like a good idea. I know Dave Morley had a slide
show for last weeks LUG meeting which we never got to see and it's
bugging me that I don't know what it was! Any chance you can post the
slide show up please Dave?

I just picked up a Cobalt Qube 2 so if need be once I get the hard
drive upgraded (it's only a 4.7 gig at the moment!) I can host the
files on there if you want. I'm even thinking of doing a  podcast if I
get the time; probably just an occasional one at first (every 3 or
four weeks)  before hopefully becoming a weekly Linux/OSS news
podcast. Will keep you posted on that!


On 13/11/2007, ArchLinuxUser dick_turpin <dick_turpin at archlinux.us> wrote:
> On 13/11/2007, Chris Maggs <chrismaggs at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Just a suggestion, but would it be possible to record the talks at the
> > meetings and post them on the website (or on LUG Radio site) as I'd
> > like to hear them but as you know Wales is a bit of a trek to the
> > meetings every two weeks!!
> Hm, anything is possible although we'd need 37 microphones dotted
> around the room picking up such lovely elements as bum scratching,
> belching, breaking wind and grown men crying because they need to
> explain to the misses why they sold their soul to dick_turpin. ;-)
> Actually its a nice idea, sort of, but I don't see it working without
> a heck of a lot of editing you'd need to record all the small huddles
> on seperate channels then splice it all together later making sure
> you've left out all the pointless bits out.
> I think a 'write up' or 'Minutes' would be better for you a bit like
> we had on South Staffs Lug.
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