[Wolves] Pete here's a sales option for you.

David Goodwin david at codepoets.co.uk
Fri Nov 30 14:18:22 GMT 2007

> > (Yes, I know soap isn't a detergent; it was just for the sake of wasting
> > everyone's bandwidth ;) )
> Stuff em. if they wanna blub about bandwith they shouldn't be on here
> in the first place! probably a student anyway, how they can afford to
> be on the Internet while moaning about small grants, student loans and
> soap is beyond me. ;-)

Hah. Remember Universities have loads of bandwidth. What students moan
about instead is the 'crap' computers the University provide ;)

> Oh and anyone still on dialup needs to be publicly flogged with a
> cat-o-nine tails as well. (mind you I've not seen any cats with nine
> tails since giving up glue sniffing)

Hah! But you only changed to broadband at home about 6 months ago,


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