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Tim Childe wrote:
> I've got an old laptop that I want to re-install the OS for - but not sure
> which to try.  I've tried a couple of Live versions of linux, but had little
> success.  I thought i'd take advice / recomendations before wiping the
> current system.
> It's an IBM 760 ED, Pentium 133? with 64Mb of Ram
> It's currently running win98SE - which was fine until I made the mistake of
> upgrading to IE6, then it slowed to a crawl.
> As I'm going to have to wipe and reinstall to remove IE6 and other stuff I
> stupidly put on there, I might as well try and get a better OS if there is
> one.
> Suggestions ??

Hi Tim,

I think that performancewise the big killer is the GUI.

Realistically, modern versions of Gnome and KDE are out of the question
so it's probably worth looking at alternatives -

- - alternative lightweight window managers such as XFCE, Enlightenment,
fluxbox, etc
- - old distros with older versions of Gnome and KDE (I'm thinking Red Hat
Linux circa 1999, etc...)

If you're confident enough with Linux it's probably worth looking at
trimming down the programs that start when you boot; anything
unnecessary might be needlessly eating valuable RAM and CPU cycles!


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