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On 05/09/07, Kevanf1 <kevanf1 at gmail.com> wrote:
> The very simple answer to this is formed after asking a question :-)
> Do you want a GUI or not?
> If you are happy to use the CLI (I note the fact that you state that
> you are still very much a beginner) then you can use Debian and have a
> plethora of programs to choose from.  If you want a GUI then it's
> either DSL/Puppy or another small footprint distro.  Or, dare I say it
> and I am simply being practical here, stick a virgin install of Win
> 98se on it.  As good as Linux is even the small footprint distro's
> start to slow on a low memory PC.
> If you want to learn the CLI then this is probably a very good
> opportunity to make yourself do so.  You can always wipe it if you
> tire of it :-)
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Simple answer is to go with slacks/puppy linux/damn small linux.  My
preference is the latter due to the fact that you can tap into the
debian repo's and install any other lightwieght gems you come across.

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