[Wolves] Suggest an OS

chris procter chris-procter at talk21.com
Mon Sep 10 12:07:18 BST 2007

> On 10/09/2007, Stuart Langridge <sil at kryogenix.org> wrote:
> > On 9/10/07, Jen Phillips <jetlaglug at googlemail.com> wrote:
> > > My other half has recently been looking into forwarding X over SSH.
> >
> > Don't you just do ssh -X user at host?
> >
> I don't know, I didn't do it. I gather there was some minimal config
> on the sever end, but I wasn't really listening.

X forwarding is off in sshd by default, you need to edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config on the server to include the line:-
X11Forwarding yes

to turn it on (though it looks like some distros do this by default)


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