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Parminder parminder at balpreet.com
Fri Sep 14 19:07:02 BST 2007

A few weeks ago there was a discussion on wolves LUG about the exposer
of Linux to "non tech" or "new to computer" persons.  In my experience I  
noticed that "new to computer" persons does not like or dislike any OS  
they are "suggested" to like it or not by somebody else.

My 11 years old daughter used Suse linux when she was young enough
to look at computer. She still thinks our home computers are far more  
than her school (MS) computer. Even when her friends or any other children
comes to our house they never found it hard to use linux OS.  They always
seems to be happy to use Suse in lounge, Ubuntu on laptop, Puppy Linux on  
daughters old laptop. Not even a one kid has moaned about Open Office, once
they are guided to how to use it. They even like chat programs.

At many occasions I have to rebuild old redundant computers, load with  
weight Linux distros and give them to first time users.  Even after buying
new windows pre-loaded computers, they ( first time users) are still happy
with linux. It may be due to fact that I am there for help when they can't
connect to Internet or printer does not work.

My experience tells me that it is the first introduction to an OS which  
to hook a person to a particular operating software. Here, Linux is at

Schools are pushing and compelling  all kids to use Windows only. Kids in  
contact don't mind using Linux because I makes it compatible for their  
experience. Once they use Linux they always says this is better than their
school experience.

Following my own theory of "exposing  to Linux first" I have to take your
peoples help. Although I've subscribed to mailing list for a long time and
lives in Wolverhampton yet I was not confident enough to join physically to
LUGS meetings.

I am asked by my local Sikh religious gathering place "Gurudwara" to find a
simple program to help to book a religious ceremony day by members. They  
have to buy a computer and a printer for that particular need. Most of  the
users of that system will be computer illiterate.  I want install a Linux
system rather than a windows solution. I knows that some casual "yo boys"
will come and will try to change to windows system. That will be hard for  
to maintain because I don't like to work in windows. I want to lock that
system as a "linux only solution".

Requirements are as

1       There are 5 halls to book  programs
2.     There are 5-6 types of programs ranging from 4-5 hours to 3days.
3.      if possible assign resources (employees)

I may pay a reasonable money from my own pocket for this "Linux only
Parminder Singh Chauhan

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