[Wolves] O/T(ish) Good place to find jobs

David Goodwin david at codepoets.co.uk
Wed Sep 19 20:01:21 BST 2007

Andrew Lewis wrote :
> Off Topic(ish) and to the point:
> Where is a good place to find job advertisments for Geeks-Like-Us? The 
> gov't  job site is abominable.

My suggestion is to hang around in the community in which you want to
work. e.g. if you were after a PHP job, there is normally ~ 1 PHP Job
posting on the phpwm mailing list.

Obviously not all 'employers-to-be' hang around on mailing lists, but it
can't hurt. 

As already mentioned there are numerous job mailing lists, and
recruitment companies can be useful - but they're normally only
interested in people who already have a couple of years 'industry'

I think most people find jobs through word-of-mouth ....

"It's not what you know, but who you know"

David Goodwin 

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