[Wolves] I really hate Zen Cart (Rant)

dick_turpin dick_turpin at archlinux.us
Tue Dec 2 14:26:27 UTC 2008

David Goodwin wrote:
> I presume Katherine wanted features/functionality which it offered (like
> stock management, voucher codes etc).
> Yes, but it's .asp based (well, from memory it was)
I was under the misapprehension that Virtue Mart ran on its own but 
according to their site its a Joomla addon. Vmart has everything that 
Kat needs although even that is flakey and the support is not the best 
in the world but its way easier to use.

If I had the money or at least the ability to spend the money I would go 
for this 
http://www.actinic.co.uk/products/business-ecommerce-software.htm I know 
its Windows based, we have the 'Business Edition' but its an old version 
from about 5 years ago and they are too tight fisted to pay for the 
newer version.

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