[Wolves] I really hate Zen Cart (Rant)

dick_turpin dick_turpin at archlinux.us
Wed Dec 3 09:45:47 UTC 2008

Tom Higgy wrote:
> Then something about SSL certificates (outside of our control) came up.
Oh god don't go there, Zen Cart has some evil, pain in the arse, 
complicated, uncompromising requirements regarding SSL Cert's 
fortunately I didn't have to get involved in that part but it took my so 
called gaffer and the so called Web Master two days to sort that bit out 
although knowing those two they'll just assume its working without any 
> It was decided that wasn't our responsibility as the site wasn't hosted on our servers.
And the moral is "If you don't have it, view it as if you have some 
chicken pooh on your top lip"
This is always a nightmare, sad to say but businesses are generally 
devious they'll say "All thats wrong is the one product is not showing 
up" when in fact the thing is borked because every man an his dog has 
hacked on it. You come along all innocent do some minimal non-intrusive 
work for a small fee discover that its in a really bad state, ask for 
more money and they'll say "Oi you broke it I'm not paying you anything 
more than what we agreed" because they already knew it would cost a 
couple of grand to put right in the 1st place.
> I established it was running the latest version before a major version 
> update, which we wouldn't do without client paying for dev time.
Too bloody right.
> They refused that, accused us of damaging their site and causing all sorts of 
> issues and left us.
See above
> I wouldn't touch Zen Cart ever again if I can avoid it.
Oh god someone shoot me please! The gaffer is determined, he has just 
bought the e-book "Ere ar Pete I'll buy you the book which should help 
you we can print it off" all 390 odd pages of it.
I've told him I hate it, he just laughed?

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