[Wolves] Tinkle tinkle little disk...

Stuart Langridge sil at kryogenix.org
Thu Jan 3 14:30:52 GMT 2008

> Aq had an idea ages ago for a round-robin style backup
> routine where, say, he backed up to my house, my house
> backed up to Jono's house, Jono's house backed up to
> Ron's house and so on. I don't think anyone has ever
> sat down to discuss it though.

That idea turned into
in my head, but there are certain limitations with that (which I'll
happily lay out if people would like me to, so you can help me work
out how they might be fixed :)). You might also be interested in a
discussion I had with the people at flud.org, when I thought that that
project might be a good basis for my distributed-backups-to-friends
idea: see the thread starting at
for details.

It would be possible to do a more hard-coded thing, of course -- my
machine specifically backs up to Adam's, Adam's specifically backs up
to Ron's, etc. There's the issue there that if Ron's machine is turned
off then Adam loses, and of course it requires more setup than my
ideal client, but it wouldn't hurt to set something up until my magic
thing exists :)


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