[Wolves] BBC iPlayer woes...

Kevanf1 kevanf1 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 24 11:27:45 GMT 2008

I have just been told by a lot of good friends on another mailing list
about iPlayer problems :-)  Sorry, I can't help but crow about this..
Apparently the iPlayer software is installing secret peer to peer
networking software on every compatible 'Windows' PC that is placed
upon.  It's secret because the BBC are not telling any of the users
about it, or, at least not in the large print anyway.  It may be
hidden away somewhere that they will end up seeding other users but it
should be fully disclosed.  All PC's with iPlayer software are slowing
to a literal crawl.  It sounds like the BBC could get into a bit of
bother about this if they really are allowing the installation of
undocumented software.


Kevan Farmer
Linux user #373362

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