[Wolves] BBC iPlayer woes...

Rob Broadfield rob.broadfield at googlemail.com
Sat Jan 26 15:24:07 GMT 2008

> > When Microsoft lists point out problems with Linux / related software, we
> > shout "FUD".

My understanding is that FUD is scaremongering by M$ (not lists of
users) about alleged infringement of their patents by Linux - not
problems.  Although, it may apply to lists - I'm not a member of an M$
based list so I can't comment.
Sure, Linux has shortcomings but we don't pay to use it and it's a
challenge to get it set up and working in a M$ led world.  Maybe this
seems like a David/Goliath struggle at times, but, in life, I do tend
to go with supporting the underdog.

> > When Linux lists point out problems with Windows / related software, we
> > applaud.

I haven't seen much applause lately.  Some flaming maybe (leaving me
wondering if one or two of the members of this list are M$ trolls -
LOL).  I confess, however, that I do enjoy reading about the
shortcomings of other OS's here - it reminds me why I switched to
Linux and why I continue the effort find out more about it and get it
working as best I can.  I may not know as much about some members of
the list to help out much at the moment but who knows? maybe something
I have learnt will be of use to someone on this list one day.

> > Double standards?

Not really.  By virtue that you have joined a "Linux User Group"
mailing list, you have most probably used Linux and still do so.
Enough, at least to want to share your experiences  and (if you know
loads about it) to help others.

One thing I will say here is that is refreshing to see a community
based project being so successful.  In a country (and world) where the
market is seen as the answer to most problems in life, Linux is
showing us that there is an alternative that works.


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