[Wolves] Weekend pics! (LRL suggestions)

dick_turpin dick_turpin at archlinux.us
Tue Jul 22 13:29:39 BST 2008

David Goodwin wrote:
> (Yes, it's easy to make suggestions and not actually do anything; the
> organisers and crew did very well - and sorry if I may appear ungrateful!)
If thats aimed at me Dave;

1. I missed/misplaced or just did not get the mail calling for volunteers.
2. Nobody asked me. (Ron did on Wed night but I felt it was too late by 
then) yet back in 2006 Aq asked me directly by mail.
3. Its always a brilliant event, the crew, team and community work their 
socks off. However that does not mean it cant be better.

I'm now gonna flounce of to IRC coz I get easily offened :-P

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