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David Goodwin david at codepoets.co.uk
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> We really do need someone with the right skills to handle this area
> for next year as it was not given as much attention as should have
> had.  In order for LRL to continue, we do need to expand the audience.
> If we want to keep the entrance fee down, we also need to find
> sponsors.  The total cost of the event was mostly met by sponsors,
> otherwise the cost per head would have been much, much higher.

<my 2p>


- From my own point of view, I didn't find the schedule very helpful. I
could really have done with a short paragraph on each talk explaining
who it was targeted towards and what it covered - e.g.

"Ben Collins - history of VCS; introduction to bzr; shows why bzr is
better than X, with live demos and discussion over future developments"


"Ben Collins - covering the new merging features of bzr; and future
developments with git - aimed at bzr users "

is far better than

"Ben Collins - bzr"


Does LRL need a wider variety of stands/exhibitors? (in order to attract
more people?)...

If so, what about the likes of IBM, Universities (some of who do Open
Source based degrees), Sun, LPI, local LUGs, various OSS projects (like
the .org village the expo used to have) etc?

</my 2p>

(Yes, it's easy to make suggestions and not actually do anything; the
organisers and crew did very well - and sorry if I may appear ungrateful!)


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