[Wolves] Ron questions on webmin

Dave Morley davmor2 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 19 14:45:00 BST 2008

As you requested I'm asking my questions here so hopefully the answers
can help anyone else too.

1/ Can you just run through the dns section again please.

I create a master zone and in this I am adding the names of all the
machines etc and their ip address and visa versa is this correct?

The master zone being davmor2-local.co.uk ,for me, is that correct also?

Also do you need to setup another masterzone for the reverse dns?

2/ You said about adding the mail server as mail.davmor2.co.uk is this
to this dns or upstream? I started to get too confused at that point :)

3/ Lastly once the dns is setup I then need to change
the /etc/reslov.conf files to read from my server first is this correct?

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