[Wolves] For you hardy pleasure......

Tom Higgy higgy-lists at bandnet.org
Sun Mar 2 15:34:04 GMT 2008

Tom Higgy wrote:
> Dave Morley wrote:
>> It now seems that a new backend package update to hardy's gvfs has
>> enabled a lot of the features that where missing including
>> bluetooth/ftp/smb and others.  However they are still a bit rough round
>> the edges but they can at least transfer files now :)
> /me cheers!
> That's what I've been waiting for before trying it out on my laptop 
> (which I only really use for watching video stored on my desktop machine).

OK, having tried it. Upgrade from Gutsy worked apart from, ironically, 
update-manager which refused to install (worked after completely 
removing it and related packages, and reinstalled).

I've only had a quick play; basic web browsing, watching a film 
remotely, etc.


Fan seems to be on constantly.
Battery level meter seems borked (updated on startup but hasn't updated 
Seems to be a disk read every couple of seconds then a clunk as disk 
head parks. I don't like it.
Can't use FTP in Nautilus (asks for password then errors something about 
the reply).

OTOH, I like all the little graphical changes and that background looks 
fantastic. It feels a little faster generally, apart from booting, and 
especially FF3.

I'm looking forward to the RC. :)

- www.tracktwo.com

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